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Village Wars is a game I used to play outside with friends, but now I want to turn it into a game. This wiki just holds ideas for later when I can make it.

The OverviewEdit

Village Wars is a game similar to something like clash of clans. You build up a town, upgrade your town, and make forces to destroy others. Clans can help each other and send massive attacks with one another other. The catch is that all the units are made of sticks and leaves and general stuff you can find outside. You don't produce them, you find them out in the woods and you can change them in some of the stations. Their is 4 different versions of the game Currently. The first having only a few things in it about 15 units, 2 vesicles, and just a few buildings. It was the prototype. Village wars 2 had 40 units 6 legionaries 8 vesicles more buildings and defenses and way more being more of a add on full flesh game. Village wars ||| is the fully finished Village wars two. Finally Village Wars Advanced a much needed shift for the series haven't evrything out of paper and crafts could lead to some more intesting units as well as crazy vehicles which are emphasized more.

Latest activityEdit

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  • edit Village Wars Wiki
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  • new page Trading Post
    created by Pikachu4792
    New page: Trading Post BR 4 Sticks, 2 Grass, 1 Land. Uses To trade resources with fellow Clan members. Health 15 Upgrades ...
  • new page Banner Stand
    created by Pikachu4792
    New page: Banner Stand BR 4 Sticks, Red, Blue, and Yellow Stone, and 1 Land. Uses To create custom banner designs for a Clan or Flag. ...
  • new page Clan Castle
    created by Pikachu4792
    New page: Clan Castle BR 4 Large Stones, 6 Stones, 8 Mud, 4 Green Leafs, and 2 Land. Uses To Join or make Clans. Health 30 ...
  • edit Resources
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  • new page Pitfall Traps
    created by Pikachu4792
    New page: Pitfall Trap BR 2 Small Sticks, 2 Green Leafs, and 1 Land Uses To damage and stall one enemy at a time. Health 10 ...
  • edit Osage Launcher
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  • new page Osage Launcher
    created by Pikachu4792
    New page: Osage Launcher BR 4 Mud, 4 Small Rocks, 4 Small Sticks, Osages [Refill], and 1 Land . Uses Fires High damage projectiles at a slow...
  • new page Slingshot
    created by Pikachu4792
    New page: The Slingshot has standard damage and great range build for protecting your village. Slingeshot BR 1 Mud, A Large Stick, a Rubber Band,...

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